In the coming decades, grand and upright pianos are, and remain magic boxes of the imagination. They are the only acoustical instruments with which all types of music can be represented. This is due to their polyphony, which is rich in timbre. It not only awakens the imagination, but leaves ample room for innate creativity.

It is therefore understandable that most students in German music schools are taught on the piano. By the way, we do not stand alone in Germany on this. In many other countries, piano instruction also takes a leading position in regards to student numbers. Therefore, first-class grand and upright pianos are desired everywhere. Against this background, the members of the Bundesverband Klavier e.V. look into the future with confidence and shall continue to maintain the tradition of piano manufacture in Germany and Europe.

Top class instruments are a necessity

Classical pianoforte instruments are a necessity for a number of reasons and therefore pianists and piano players cannot imagine the future without the fine instruments made by the members of the Bundesverband Klvierindustrie e.V: Electronic musical instruments and digital piano cannot replace the traditional pianos. The music on acoustic grand pianos and uprights is a personal enrichment which in not measurable in facts and figures.