Committed to Quality

With a high sense of quality and experience spanning over centuries, the grand and upright piano manufacturers affiliated the BVK have established and preserved their worldwide reputation of excellence. The fidelity, the trust in the creative craftsmanship and the lasting value are all decisive reasons for buying a first-class brand name instrument.


As an association of German manufacturers based in the Republic of Germany, the Bundesverband Klavier e.V. also offers the possibility of attaining an extraordinary membership to the association for piano manufacturers from other EU countries. In both cases, the BVK identifies with demands on the quality and reliability of its members’ products in the same manner its members have lived and embodied these traditions for decades.

Certified Proof of Origin

Symbols for this identification are BVK’s protected logos, which stand for the origin of its instruments. The origins of these propriety brands carrying this logo have been verified and are subject to strict selection criteria on the part of member firms who are carrying out production. The only brands which are certified and approved to use the logo belong to those association members that implement value-added measures contributing to quality in their own production facilities.

Authorized Retailers

The purchase of a fine grand piano or upright should always be made at an authorized retailer, knowing the product, guaranteeing good advice and expert service after the purchase.